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John Henry Uses Herald to Whack Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy

John Henry Uses Herald to Whack Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy

The Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman got an email interview with Boston GlobeSox owner John Henry, which, of course, was Page One news for the feisty local tabloid.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 2.33.48 PM

The email exchange between Silverman and Henry was pretty much what you’d expect.

Henry takes stock of perplexing Sox

The Red Sox are genuinely perplexed.

Barely more than two weeks ago, principal owner John Henry was told by…

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Totally Opaque Ad o’ the Day (Alvaro Noboa Edition)

Totally Opaque Ad o’ the Day (Alvaro Noboa Edition)

From our Whiskey Tango Foxtrot desk

The hardworking staff has long had a soft spot for ads run by civilians in the New York Times. But this one takes the cake.

From Friday’s Times, page A10:

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 12.36.44 AM

Do you understand a single word of that?

Us neither.

(Q: How many lawyers can fit on the head of a pen? A: Uh, we need to make a phone call.)

So the headscratching staff dutifully plugged Alvaro Noboa…

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Who Cracked Hack Attack?

Who Cracked Hack Attack?

Now that former probation commissioner John J. O’Brien has gone down like the Hindenburg, the local dailies have  begun patting themselves on the back in earnest.

Today’s Boston Globe Page One:

The federal prosecution was based in large part on a 2010 Boston Globe Spotlight series that exposed widespread patronage hiring in the Probation Department, which oversees defendants facing charges in a…

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The NABJ Is Coming! The NABJ Is Coming!

The NABJ Is Coming! The NABJ Is Coming!

Once again, ad-vantage, Boston Globe. From today’s Sports section comes this ad for the 39th Annual Convention and Career Fair of the National Association of Black Journalists (in two parts for legibility).

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.57.49 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.58.08 PM

Looks great. Except … George Washington? Really? Or is it just me?

Anyway, crosstown rival Boston Herald once again got adnored. On the other hand, the feisty local tabloid does…

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Boston Globe Ad-vantage: Hillary and Hamas

Boston Globe Ad-vantage: Hillary and Hamas

From our Ad Hoc desk

Interesting confluence of ads in the Boston Globe today.

On page A6:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.49.37 AM

And before you say, “Really, Hillary? Sam’s Club? Seekonk?” you should remember that Walmart/Sam’s Club sells a helluva lot of books every year.

Plus, it seems fitting that Madame Former Secretary should share an edition of the Globe with this ad (back page of the A section):

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.50.14 AM

Drive-’em-nuts graf:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 12.07.31 PM

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Wynn-Lose Casino Bid in Boston Dailies

Wynn-Lose Casino Bid in Boston Dailies

From our One Town, Two Different Worlds desk

In Boston’s ongoing Casino Roulette, the latest Wynn Resorts offer got very different reactions in the local dailies.

Boston Globe:

Wynn makes offer to Boston

Proposal is richest to a city near planned Everett casino

Wynn Resorts has offered the City of Boston $1 million upfront and $2.6 million annually, along with hiring preferences for city bbcfcc7493b24cd4be382d27cbf275be-bbcfcc7493b24cd4be382d27cbf275be-0residen…

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Demoulas Ad Fits Boston Globe to a (Arthur) T

Demoulas Ad Fits Boston Globe to a (Arthur) T

The endless Demoulas Family/Market Basket rumpus will no doubt have its own A&E reality program (Grocery!) eventually, but for now it’s playing out mostly in the local dailies.

Saturday’s installment featured this Page One piece in the Boston Globe.

Workers stand up for ousted Demoulas

Thousands skip Market Basket to back ex-chief

TEWKSBURY — They left their jobs as butchers and baggers,…

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Boston Globe Scribe Don Aucoin’s Son Also Rises in WSJ

Boston Globe Scribe Don Aucoin’s Son Also Rises in WSJ

Don Aucoin, whose fine theater criticism graces the Boston Globe on a regular basis, must be bustin’ his buttons over this piece in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.

Portrait of a Prodigy

Is Matthew Aucoin the Next Leonard Bernstein?

Most 4-year-olds going to visit their grandparents in Florida while away the flight kicking the seat in front of them. Matt Aucoin spent the trip composing “Cloud…

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Deval Patrick’s Hollow Holocaust Reference

Deval Patrick’s Hollow Holocaust Reference

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D-Am I Still Here?) sort of stepped in it the other day, making a comparison that’s ill-advised nine out of ten times and indefensible the other.

Yesterday’s Boston Globe, Page One:

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 1.15.35 PM

(Interesting – but not unusual: The web subhead was the much blander “Says immigrants detained in Southwest deserve a safe haven.”)

As night follows day, crosstown rival Boston…

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The Yin & Yang of the Globe & Herald

The Yin & Yang of the Globe & Herald

From our One Town, Two Different Worlds desk (in cooperation with our Late to the Party desk)

Yesterday’s Boston dailies provided a textbook compare ‘n’ contrast case study on several fronts.

Start with the Boston Herald’s front page:

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 12.39.27 AM

What followed was Jessica Heslam’s page 2 column about sports radio moron Kirk Minihane’s gutless bitchingabout FOX Sports fox Erin Andrews’ lame All Star Game…

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